Elliot Henderson Ltd comprises more than 40 purpose-built forestry machines which can undertake any task within the forestry sector. Whether it be clearfell, thinnings, steep ground harvesting operations, ground preparation or the construction of forest roads, Elliot Henderson has the capacity and experience to carry it out.

Our fleet includes Skyline and Bucket winch machines allowing timber extraction in areas that conventional machinery cannot access.

We have the capability for site brash clearance and stump removal, servicing the biomass industry.

Our professional team includes a squad of experienced chainsaw operators and certified tree climbers to carry out aerial operations i.e. hardwood high pruning or section-felling of single trees in awkward areas.

Elliot Henderson is supported by a dedicated and experienced management team who pride themselves at being at the forefront of technological advances in the forestry industry. Our Komatsu Maxifleet system monitors machine performance from our office which is a clear benefit for production, as output levels can be viewed, and also for the environment as idle times and engine performance can be viewed in real time.

Elliot Henderson is also a founding member of the Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA membership number 5). And is also a member of the Forestry Contactors Association.

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Clear fell

Elliot Henderson Ltd has more than 40 purpose built machines and is capable of undertaking clear fell sites of any size and of any terrain. Our extensive expertise provides us with the ability to carry out contracts quickly, efficiently and in a safe manor.


Thinning is the removal of trees to provide the remaining crop more room to increase growth rate. We have experienced operators and the perfect machinery for this task including Komatsu 931 and Komatsu 855

Steep Ground Harvesting

We have a vast range of purpose built machines capable of harvesting and forwarding on the steepest of terrain, these include;  Tigercat LH855C and H845C,  Ponsse BEAR and ERGO and Buffalo KING, John Deere 1270E (8 wheel) and Komatsu 895.

Forestry Roads and Drainage

With over 25 years experience in this field we can provide all services required including, stripping of ground, quarrying of stone, moving stone, culverts. We also repair existing roads and can add turning points and stacking areas where required.

Brash Baling and Stump Clearance

The biggest by-product of timber harvesting is the branches and the tops of the trees. If ground conditions suit and the job is complete the brash mats can be lifted by a brash bailer mounted on the back of a forwarder. The bailer produces 3m long bails which are then forwarded to the road side. These bails can then be chipped and burned at a power station as a renewable energy source. The Stump extractors are mounted on 25ton tracked excavators, stumps are removed and forwarded to road side. After a drying period they are chipped and burned as a renewable energy source.


Fleet Transportation

We have our own low loader giving us the freedom to move machines easily and quickly from job to job. This means there is no time wasted waiting on a third party.   We also provide low loader hire to other contractors without this facility.

Chainsaw Services

All aspects undertaken, from brashing the perimeter of a site, felling outsiders and felling to harvester. We also can provide ticketed climbers to take down trees of an awkward nature.

Ground Works

Because of extensive range of plant, we can carry out ground works, from stripping of site, foundations, drainage and reinstating. We have diggers from 1-25 ton so all jobs are within our capability.